When it comes to custom CAD design, Corner Studio Jewelers has the experience, equipment and the expertise to create that one of a kind piece that will get you noticed.

We now have the first Rapid Prototype machine of it's kind for creating custom jewelry in Wisconsin and we can create anything that you can imagine. We "grow" our own models in house with our new Perfactory Micro Rapid Prototype machine. This "state of the art" machine literally grows your custom piece from a pool of resin with incredible precision so that when you decide on the final design, the finished product looks exactly like the renders of your design. This assures that with all operations done in house by the designers that you work with during the design process, you never need to worry about design details being lost in the translation from sales associate to craftsman. Your sales associate IS the craftsman at Corner Studio Jewelers.

We have two computer aided design programs that we use to create your special piece. The first program uses a catalog of existing designs that can be customized to suit your needs, allowing us to adjust heights and widths of shanks and even change the cross section of various components. We can change the size of the gems and in some cases add or subtract stones.

The second program allows us to design the piece from the ground up, giving us total flexibility in the design process. Both programs allow us to “render” the piece to look exactly like the finished product when it is completed, giving us the opportunity to try different concepts, setting styles, metals, gems and just about anything you can imagine.  Your special piece can be anything you want it to be and you don’t have to decide until you have seen all your options as a finished piece.

Please see our gallery for some example images!

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