What is Corner Studio's return and refund policy?

Our goal at Corner Studio Jewelers is to make your jewelry buying experience as satisfying as possible. If for any reason your purchase isn’t exactly right we will exchange it for another item or give you in-store credit. Custom designed jewelry is designed for YOU and provides many opportunities to review the design before completion, and therefore, is not returnable.

What determines the price of a diamond?

The price is determined by many factors including rarity, size, shape, clarity, color and cut, but finally by the beauty of the gem. Come in and we’ll give you a quick lesson on buying your diamond.

Do you offer engraving?

We do offer engraving including inside ring engraving. Our new CNC engraving machine is small so larger items may not fit. Bring in your item and we will see if it can be engraved or not.

Can I have someone other than me pick up my order?

Yes, just call ahead to let us know who will be coming in.

If requested, can I have my merchandise gift wrapped at the store?

Yes. We have many different options for you to choose from.

What is your policy regarding conflict diamonds?

We don’t sell conflict diamonds. We only deal with reputable diamond dealers who certify their diamonds “Conflict Free”.

What is a special ordered item?

A special order item is anything that we order in, specifically for you. Special orders require a 20% deposit.

Do you offer any warranties on your merchandise?

We certainly stand behind our work and some of our vendors offer specific warranties on their merchandise. We encourage you to insure your items to cover loss, theft or other situations beyond our control.